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Wdo love a good candle. These Southern made candles are made by Nouvelle Candles in Louisiana and they do one thing and they do it great. They hand pour all of their candles, the old fashion way in small batches blended by master chandlers. Not only does this ensure the high quality of the product, but also incredible freshness.


Their warehouse in Southern Louisiana is where all the magic happens. They are proud of the fact that they employ Americans who manufacture a hand made product. Their packaging and wrappers are also hand labeled and applied. No machines there, just ten hard working people devoted to providing you with the best candle ever.

Real pottery urns

Crepe Myrtle - 6.5 oz (30-35 hours)

Mardi Gras - 6 oz (25-30 hours)

New Orleans - 14 oz (60 -75 hours)

Tuscan Currant - 24 oz (120-125 hrs)

Fresh Fir - 6 oz (25-30 hours)

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